My Life

I love my life! (How many people say that?)

I am a single mother of a beautiful 2 year old baby boy!

We don’t have much at all, but we have been blessed to live in a peaceful, family-friendly neighborhood and in a small house that is perfect for the two of us.

I love nothing more than to be a mama and to do the best that I can to take good care of my son.

How This Mama Started This Blog

After I was laid off from my job that I had dedicated my life to, I realized how little time and energy I was actually giving to my baby boy.

I realized how mean I had been to him by yelling at him, being short with him and rushing him out the door every morning just so I could get to work on time.

I will never forget how horrible I felt as I would drop him off at daycare after and leaving him there all day.

I realized how much I brushed him off just so I could live up to society’s standards and try to balance life at home.

After I realized the life that we were living, I vowed that I would never let another job take precedents over my son.

I begged God every night for a way to work from home so that I could still support us, but also take care of our baby boy.

He led me to this.

I Understand

I understand how hard it is to be a working mother and to try to give all that you can outside of work to the people you love the most.

This blog is not just about mamas, though. It is about any working parent trying to care for their family.

This world focuses so much on women doing everything, that we tend to forget that there are dads and grandparents, aunts and uncles out there who are also working hard and trying to support a family.

In this blog, I like to speak up and speak out on the difficulties of parenting and how society tends to make this job more difficult than it needs to be.

I also like to share tips and tricks that I have learned along the way – and am still learning as I go along!

My hope is that this blog will help you as much as it helps me.

The Most Important Job You’ll Ever Have

As working parents, we like to dedicate ourselves to the jobs that we have outside of our homes.

But, remember, the most important job you will ever have is to take extra special care of the life behind those two beautiful, little eyes that peer up to you every morning!

We tend to make our success in life reliant on what we do for work.

How about the success that you make every day just by having a positive influence on the child that you are blessed to care for?

Each day that passes, that child learns more from you (the good and the bad!).

Remember that that child, who is in your care, will grow up to have a remarkable influence on society and however you raise this child will determine the type of impact he or she will have on the future of our world! (No pressure though, right?)

You may not be a highly successful lawyer or doctor or football player who makes millions by kicking a ball around, but you, as a parent, are working the most important and most impactful job anyone could ever have….and with no paycheck provided.

May God Bless You!





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