Hey, There, Friend!

I don’t know how you do it.

I really don’t.

Before I had children, I never thought much about how much time and energy parents spent between working and taking care of their children.

My focus had simply been on caring for other parents’ children and thinking about how I would never do that as a parent once I had kids.

I would never yell at my child like that.

Or snap at them when they were simply trying to hand me a toy to play with.

I vowed I would never swear in front of my children like I witnessed so many other parents doing.

I said that I would never pressure my child to get ready in the morning and that we would take our time and play before going to school.

But I was wrong.

I may have been well intentioned, but in real life, I was wrong.

Because once I had my own children, I realized that it was not right of me to have ever thought that way…

to curse a parent in the back of my mind for watching them snap at their sweet, innocent child.

For, in reality…..

A working parent’s life is pretty damn hard.


I said it.

A swear word.

Because it’s true.

It is tough.

And I don’t know how you do it.

Heck, I don’t even know how I do it.

I guess we just do it.

Because we have to.

And, out of the love for our children, we want to do it.

Hey, no one else is going to bring home a paycheck, but you.

No one else is going to cook dinner, but you.

No one else is going to hold and rock the baby at 2am, but you.

No one else is going to change the sheets after the toddler peed in them, but you.

No one else is going to play cars with that precious little boy except for you.

No one, but you.

This site is dedicated to all of the hard working parents out there who feel alone, isolated, exhausted and are seeking that one other parent who may be secretly experiencing the same thing.

This site is also aimed to provide some helpful tips and honest support from a working parent’s direct experience with the hope that it may help you, too!

God Bless Working Parents is exactly as it is titled…

Recognizing and Blessing YOU for all that you do – everyday – to raise and care for the next generation.

Without YOU, where would our world be?

I hope you enjoy.

And I pray you stay healthy and well and motivated everyday to keep doing the wonderful work you are doing.

God Bless.