It is not easy being the new parent on the block.

When you first have your little one, you quickly learn how judgmental some people are and you may often feel as though everyone is scrutinizing your every move.

There are ups and downs that new mothers face, emotionally.

Crying one minute and then smiling the next is not all that uncommon.

Getting used to an abruptly new routine is, alone, exhausting.

Suddenly caring for a new little one when you have so many questions and hardly no one to ask can be intimidating.

I understand this.

I have been there.

And I am there again now with my second one.

You may have already made it through those first several months with your first little one,

But there are similar anxieties and questions even when you have your second little one.

Yes, you may be a little better prepared,

But some things you may forget.

This section is for the new parents out there who are trying to navigate this road of parenthood

And all in the midst of a pandemic.

God Bless You….You Will Make It Through!