As I am writing this, we are in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

And we are at home.



Thank you, God!

However, I am appalled by some of the things that I have heard from others.

I know that some people are eager and anxious to get back to work and to engage in their social rituals.

I know that some people are eager for their kids to go back to school.

But, come on, friends….

Everyday, thousands of people are dying from this virus.


Does anyone know what that means anymore?

Let’s recap.

Dying means that you no longer live.

You can no longer go to work.

You can no longer eat ice cream.

You can no longer play on your iPhone or tablet (Oh! I gotchya there?  I know how much ya love your electronics. Yup! No more, my friend!)

You can no longer have sex (Ooo! Gotchya there, too, huh?)

You can no longer see friends.

You can no longer go out for a drink.

You can no longer hug and kiss your children good night.





Get it, now?

And here is what I am hearing….

“We need to get this economy going again and if it means sacrificing some people, then so be it!”


Do you realize that YOU could be one of those people?

Let’s imagine something for a minute….

The virus has come for YOU.

You lost the battle and now you are dead.

NOW do you think we should sacrifice some people just to get the economy moving again?

You are in the ground. Gone.

You have no use for the economy and the economy has no use for you.

Because you are DEAD.

Wait….let me do one better….

The virus has come for YOUR CHILD (May God Truly Forbid!)

NOW do you think we should sacrifice people just to get the economy moving again?

Just so you can go back to work?

Go back to having a drink at the bar with friends on a Friday night?

Go bowling on Tuesdays?

Sure! Let’s do that. We will sacrifice someone from YOUR family for that.

Now what do you think?

Your governor is not asking for much when he/she says, “Stay home so that lives can be saved.”

They are not telling you to stay home forever.

Stay home for a couple of months – heck – even if they said 6 months to a year – that would be so little to ask for from you in order to SAVE peoples lives – including YOURS.

And not only that –

Your government is PAYING you to just stay home!

Be with your family.


Do you know of any other opportunity in your lifetime when that may happen?

I don’t.

Sounds like a pretty dog-gone good deal to me!

We are lucky that our local government is not just saying, “Who cares if you get sick? Get back to work!”

Some people do not think.


All I can say is that, if you are one of those people who would put economy first before lives, then shame on you.

There are people out their risking their lives to PROTECT YOU and CARE for YOU or YOUR FAMILY MEMBER should, God forbid, you or they become ill…. and you are worried about getting your hair and nails done?


But, anyways…

I still love ya, friend.

And May God Bless You.


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