It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day!

You step outside for some fresh spring-like air.

You close your eyes….

Suck it in with a deep breath and then

Let it out.

It smells so refreshing, you do it again.

Deep breath in of spring-like air…

and let it out.

You open your eyes…

The sky is so blue.

There are little, plump, white clouds sporadically pasted across.

A bird flies overhead.

A great day for a ride!

You get into the car.

Buckle up!

Start the engine.

Check your mirrors and then slowly back out of the driveway.

Roll down those windows!

The fresh air starts gently blowing in

And you take in another deep smell of it as it crosses your nose!

Where are we going?

Don’t know.


Going north towards the country.

You turn onto the road that allows you to do 55 miles per hour.

The city slowly fades as you hit the gas and speed down the road.

The air becomes more powerful!

Whipping into the window and teasing your hair!

Life suddenly seems better.

More trees come into view.

Less cars.

Less noise.

Less people.

Just you.

The road welcomes your foot to the gas as you head into the country.

Nothing but green grass.


Green grass.

More trees.

Look! A deer!

Down along the bank and across the ditch.

Just standing there.

And then it disappears in your rear-view mirror just as quickly as it came into existence.

You place your left elbow onto the door panel.

Rest your head in your hand.

Steer with your right.

Now you are totally relaxed.

Life is good right now.

Everything is okay.

Heaven is all around you.


More trees.

More green grass.

A small pond up ahead.

There it is.

There it goes.

What’s next?

A random, old house with a wrap-around porch.


Coming into a small town.

Speed limit is 35mph.

Slow down!

A little store.

A barber shop.

A donut shop.


A few older homes in a row.

A young man in a riding lawn mower cutting his front lawn.

Smell that fresh cut grass!

Take it in.

Let it out.

So good.

You turn the car around just so you can smell that again.

There’s the young man on the mower again.

Smell of fresh cut grass.

Breathing that in.

Letting it out.

So sweet.

Better head back anyway.

Go through the town once again.

The little store.

The barber shop.

The donut shop.

Wanna stop?

Sure you do!

Get yourself a donut…

You deserve it!

Take a bite.


It melts in your mouth.

Lick the sweetness off of your lips.

Man, that is good.

Back in the car.

Heading back.

Going out of town…55mph again!

The wind kisses your face all over!

Lots of trees.

Standing so tall.

Green leaves waving to you.

And waving to you.

And waving to you.

So many trees.

Grass so green.

There’s a turkey up ahead!


A turkey?!

When was the last time you saw one of those?

(Please don’t say at Thanksgiving dinner!)

And a farm with several horses grazing the field.

Maybe you wish you could have a place like that.

So peaceful.

So free.

Well, getting back towards the city.

Home life.

Boy, what a ride.

What a beautiful day.

You get closer to home.

The wind dies down and your hair settles on your head.

You brush some of it out of your face.

There’s your home.

Pull up into the driveway.

Park the car.

One last breath of fresh air before you roll up the windows.

Thank you, God, for the nice ride!






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